Recognize your strengths and connect to your inner knowingness.

“Life coach–what’s a life coach?” is probably the most frequent response I get when people ask me what I do. The shortest answer is that a life coach supports a person in excelling is his or her life just as a sports coach supports an athlete in excelling in a sport.

Our lives have become increasingly busy and seemingly complicated, and there’s a great tendency to run from one thing to the next on “auto-pilot,” with little time spent on reflection. Running “programs” that no longer serve us, we can forget what is really important and can feel confused about what we need to feel fulfilled in our lives. Many of us have a vague (or not so vague) feeling of discontent–even when there appears to be little that is wanting in our lives.

If you want a beautiful garden, one that brings beauty, joy, and satisfaction–you tend it carefully–planting seeds, pulling weeds, watering and fertilizing, and nurturing. To produce a life of joy and fulfillment, we need to nurture ourselves and our lives in the same way. Hiring a life coach is making a commitment to nurture your life–to grow your life like a beautiful garden–and to reflect on what you want in that garden.

The coaching relationship is an ongoing relationship of mutual respect and trust that brings clarity, commitment, and action. You set the agenda for each coaching session. The coach will ask questions, based on your statements, to help you look forwards rather than backwards. During this process of inquiry the coach facilitates your discovery of values and vision for what you want in your life. The coach helps you open your awareness to new options, focus on what you want, and set goals and intentions. What you focus on expands and your coach helps you keep your attention on your intentions. Part of the coaching process is for you and your coach to agree on actions you are willing to take to move toward your goals. The coach will then follow up with you at your next coaching session.

The coaching process also helps you recognize your strengths, uncover and move through any limiting beliefs, get “unstuck,” and find inspiration, motivation and a deeper connection to your own inner “knowingness.” Every step of the way, the coach is there to cheer your accomplishments and to challenge you to continue to move forward.

With the support of a good life coach, clients take charge of their lives, become accountable, learn to align to what they value, live more consciously, take action, and discover a life purpose. Coaches help clients get positive results and find fulfillment in all areas of their lives–professional, financial, physical, intellectual, relational, and spiritual.

Susan Wood is a Certified Life Coach living in Morro Bay. She usually coaches by telephone and serves clients across the country. She will happily provide a free session for anyone wanting to explore what coaching with her is about. You can find out more at or by calling Susan at 805-771-9706.

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