Susan Wood, Life CoachI received formal training and certification as a Life Coach through the Coach for Life accredited coach training program.

My own life experience and personal growth are what brought me to life coaching. It was a long, circuitous route. My college education consisted of formal training in art and sculpture and I later received certification as an elementary school teacher. However, my professional experience took different directions. I have owned a small business, worked as a telecommunications manager, been a computer “maven” doing desktop publishing, graphic design and database design and management. I have worked as a computer trainer, and have been the manager of a training department at a law firm of four-hundred attorneys. I have been through my own process of growth and change to live a life that nurtures me and allows me to expand.

I come to life coaching because of my own passion for growth. I love to facilitate clients in their own process of growth and self-realization, knowing I can help them focus on and achieve their goals.

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