Sometimes there are things that people just need to know… and I think this is one of them.

Do you KNOW what you are eating?

We have increasingly become a culture of instant gratification. More and more people seem to believe that they do not have enough expertise, and we tend to look to others to solve our problems— our health, our education, our taxes— you name it, there’s somebody out there more expert than we are, and we’d just like them to take of it for us, thank you.

BUT… it’s important to wake up and realize that if we want to be healthy, wealthy and wise… it may be a dirty job but WE have to do it… we cannot keep thinking that somebody else “out there” is going to be taking care of things for us. So here’s to becoming empowered and making intelligent choices. And here’s to the power of even ONE person in making a change. Giant oaks come from little acorns— it takes just one small seed to make a great oak tree!

Is real food too much to ask for? Are you taking responsibility for your own, and your family’s, well-being? You can start by becoming more aware, becoming more educated, and allowing yourself to grow and expand.