Favorite books and products that I use myself and have found to be very useful:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment — Eckhart Tolle

Ask and It Is Given, Learning to Manifest Your Desires — Esther and Jerry Hicks

Holosync® Meditation Program — this is a CD based meditation program that I’ve been using for years. I highly recommend it. They have a free demo CD available on their website. This is a program for people who really want to make the commitment to make meditation a part of their lives.

Volunteering in San Luis Obispo—The “Meal Team

Other Resources:

Professional Health Coach– Mona McClelland is a good friend of mine who specializes in creating life long positive changes in the 5 Main Health Areas–Diet/Nutrition, Chronic Health Issues, Stop Smoking, Stress (Stressful Bad Habits), and Exercise. Mona offers a Complimentary Coaching Session for new Clients. You can reach Mona at 250-386-6472. Here is a link to Mona’s blog: http://meetmonamcclelland.com/

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance an Internet resource focused on increasing awareness of mesothelioma cancer, a fatal disease caused by asbestos exposure: Mesothelioma.com.

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