• I found the very process of arranging to connect with you brought me a gift of a memory of a very strong anchor for me… and helped me touch into the sense that I am one with the universe. This is very empowering for me. In the time since the session with you, I’ve been working toward my goals… Due to what became more clear during our session, I’ve been successful at interrupting a damaging pattern and re-scripting it. Finally I’ve been working on scheduling my marketing efforts into a more consistent pattern. I found you to be very flexible and accepting of my style of working. I really appreciated your questions to bring my goals into focus. Thank you for your expertise.

K. D., California

  • I feel much more confident in myself and more accepting of myself as I am. I have put my work/business in a different perspective in that it’s not my priority as it used to be. The process has given me a different view of myself and the world.

R. M., California

  • Coaching was important for me because I was approaching a transition point (retirement…). The most valuable concept I got was the idea of “allowing the universe to support me”… it did happen to me that I ended up taking a job that was not one of the two or three I had targeted, planned on, etc. The job offer developed out of a casual contact in the normal course of things with no special effort on my part—and it turned out to be a good fit, as they say… clearly “trying harder” doesn’t always yield success… the main thing about coaching was taking the time to think concentratedly about one’s life, hopes, fears – in business terms, you have to get beyond working your “in-box” to doing some strategic planning. I continue to allow external influences to enrich my life even if they seem to be detours from the planned route. Again, I think coaching helped me recontact this wisdom.

H. M., Maryland

  • The most valuable take-away of the coaching process for me was clarity of focus, and the ability to use that focus for daily issues. Coaching served me by reminding me of who I am and what’s possible for me. Significant insights I gained during coaching were how fearful I was, and how often my choices were motivated by that fear. I am now more able to do/say/think the truth, and what I most want to remember from my coaching experience are the concepts of limitless possibilities and gratitude.

Anonymous, California

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