Many years ago I heard a song which I found amusing, catchy, and true… but I did not write it down at the time. I thought about it and tried to remember it and have tried to look it up on the internet several times, to no avail. I cannot remember the name of the singer who sang it, although I do remember where I heard it. It was at a concert at the Somerville Theater, in Somerville, Massachusetts. The headliner was Don White, a wonderful local comic singer/songwriter. This was not Don’s song, though—it was sung by the guy who was his warm-up act… whose name I cannot remember.

Well, not being able to find the song, I went about the task to put it together again, myself. However, I don’t have a tune for it. If this song looks familiar to you, and you know whose song the original is, please share! If you have your own tune that you can put together with my words, please share.

This simple song is full of wisdom. Here it is—please leave your comments!

The Two-Letter Word Song, or “Go Do It!”

Is it go, or is it no?
Is it no, or is it go?
If it is to be,
It is up to me.
So go do it!

Enough said.

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